What is GYROTONIC training?



What is GYROTONIC training?

Derived from the words gyro (spiral or circle) and tonic (to tone or invigorate), GYROTONIC®  is an exercise method designed to enhance the body’s range of motion, coordination, and stamina. Conceived from the key principles of yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, and ballet, the exercises are performed on specialized equipment designed around the human body.

Most conventional exercise machines work linear and isolated movement patterns, which create uncoordinated strength. GYROTONIC® equipment utilizes natural and integrated, circular movements which guide the muscles to flow smoothly between contraction and extension. This produces coordinated power, a strong center and balanced support throughout the entire skeletal system.

Each exercise is synchronized with the breath to create a gentle or vigorous cardiovascular-aerobic workout, while the graceful and rhythmic movements simultaneously strengthen and lengthen all of the major muscle groups and joints. Special attention is paid to decrease compression in the spine and improve its alignment.  This results in a well proportioned, long, lean body significantly less prone to injuries.

Some of the benefits of GYROTONIC® training include:

-Increased strength, flexibility and stamina

-Healthier joint function

-Toned muscles

-Reduced tension in the neck and shoulders

-Improvement in posture and body alignment

-Deeper connection to the “core”; pelvic floor, low back, diaphram and abdominal muscles

-Increased respiratory function

-Increased circulation

-Better balance and coordination

-Faster recovery from sports and job related injuries

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